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This repository contains links to blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and all resources built via AWS Community Builders.

How to contribute

There is great gist from Oscar. If you are interested in contribution but have no idea where to start. That is a great resource!




YouTube channels

  • chinwee__o - Things related to working in tech, tools and technologies relevant for a career as a data analyst, as well as tutorials. chinweeee

  • cicdonaws - Level up your software development with CI/CD best practices, templates, and tips & tricks! @Lock128

  • Open Up The Cloud - Videos to help people start and grow a career in the cloud. Created by Lou

  • Cloud Tuner - AWS Refresher Quiz - AWS CLOUD-related quiz which may be used to practice for AWS Certification Exams AWS Catch the Concept - Short videos focusing on various concepts related to system design and AWS and many more videos about AWS Concepts which will help to dive into aws. @nandinivijay

  • DevOps Toolbox - Developer Productivity, Ops, Security. YOU KNOW… FUN!

  • ibilalkayy - Valuable content related to programming. @ibilalkayy

  • InfiniteLinux - In-depth tutorials and demos on the latest technologies in the field, including Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, and AWS. Tariq Siddiqui

  • rishabkumar7 - I am passionate about helping people get into the cloud and sharing my knowledge from my time in the cloud, DevOps, and now Developer Relations. @rishabkumar7

  • TechTutorialswithPiyush - Amazing hands-on projects and tutorial about cloud computing(AWS,Azure,GCP), DevOps, Kubernetes, and the latest trends in the IT industry.

  • techwithhelen - Simplifying DevOps/Cloud!

  • WojciechLepczynski - Tutorials, tips, and much more mainly in the field of cloud and automation.

  • DevOps in the Cloud - Currently podcasts, and more interesting content hopefully soon. @pawelpiwosz

  • codewithmukesh - Tech YouTube Channel mostly around AWS, .NET, and related cloud stuff. @iammukeshm


  • Arm Learning Paths Tutorials for software development on the Arm architecture, including AWS Graviton processors.

  • Scaled CI/CD framework - CI/CD design framework to use in all phases of creating and maintaining the CI/CD @pawelpiwosz

  • Durgadas Kamath - Tech videos curated through experience in the field of AWS. Serverless, Developer Experience, Architecture Patterns, and many more.